Latina Money Hack- Head To The Dollar Store!

Since making the decision to live on my own, I’ve had to work and rework my budget numerous times. Your budget is a living, breathing document that is supposed to be flexible to accommodate your life on your terms. So, it makes sense that I would work and rework to help me create the life I want to live.

One of the ways I’ve saved is by creating money hacks, which is a new series I’m happy to start sharing with you. And our first Latina Money Hack is… The Dollar Store!

Latina Money SaVing hack- Dollar store.

Why the dollar store? 
I myself used to be a snob and not realize the ultimate wonderfulness of the dollar store. I was always quick to run to Target instead to buy everyday items I needed until I decided to get my first apartment. My friend Briana told me to stop by the dollar store to stock up on cleaning items for my new pad and once I was there, I was amazed at what you were actually able to buy. Besides going to the dollar store for quick party items, needless to say, I wasn’t really taking advantage of all the things I could be buying to get my casa in shape!

Cleaning, Household and Kitchen Items
You can get anything at the dollar store but I really like stopping by now for stuff for my casa. Here, I can snap up garbage bags, comet powder, comet bathroom spray and sponges for less than big box store prices, because everything is a dollar. I can also grab random stuff for my kitchen like wooden spoons, a spatula, measuring cups and spoons, along with serving size Tupperware for packing my lunch. Since I also don’t print pictures all the time, when I do happen to have a special picture I can just grab one individually. The dollar store even has some pretty cute home decor items and kitchen towels and mats for, you guessed it, a dollar.

My Girl Likes Party Items All The Time
Anyone who knows me knows the importance I give when throwing or celebrating a special event. Since my current position at a non-profit enables me to throw celebrations but needs me to stay on a budget, I love hitting up the dollar store for this. Along with seasonal decorations that coordinate to a holiday, you can also find graduation swag along with fun items for Mardi Gras and weddings. I also enjoy stocking up on balloon weights which look cute as centerpieces along with fun items to decorate tables with, such as bubbles or confetti and dinner mints. And for gift giving, you can’t beat the gift bag selection, tissue paper and cards for a buck as well.

Dollar Stores Are Great For Random Personal Items
Do you ever feel when your buying something, say at Target, that you could be getting it somewhere else for cheaper? That’s probably true and it’s probably at the dollar store. I started buying cotton pads that I use for facial toner and nail polish remover because it’s cheaper. I’ve also gotten band aids, hydrogen peroxide and other items for a first aid kit here. Last but not least, I’ve snagged some office supplies from here along with a candle or two for someone as a small thank you gift. I’m telling you, if you give someone a small thank you gift or even a card, it goes a long way with appreciation.

What do you snag at the dollar store of awesomeness?

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