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Athena Princeton 006

Looking for a writer, contributor, social media manager, or virtual assistant? Look no further! I offer a variety of online blogging services that are sure to fit your budget, needs and wants.

Staff & Freelance Writing
Looking for some additional writers for your blog on a regular basis? Or perhaps just a one time guest post? What about just needing some extra help with your own articles or even a ghost writer? I’m your gal. I’m currently looking for online publications to regularly post as a staff writer. I’m also looking to assist in anyway I can with other additional writing services. I can cover anything from personal finance to travel, lifestyle, fashion, beauty & healthcare, DIY and wellness. I regularly contribute to Phroogal and Young Finances, just to name a few!

Social Media Management
Not too savvy with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest? I can help you. I have experience doing social media not only for my blog but also for non-profit organizations as a development specialist. I’d be more than happy to come up with a plan and then execute it how you see fit for your brand. One of my current clients is the Plutus Awards, recognizing the best in the personal finance blogsphere.

Blog Management/ Virtual Assistant
Not enough time in the day to do what you like? Let me help! I can offer anything from regular blog posting, answer emails, handle advertising, network, comment on other blogs, etc.

Please contact me here via this form or by email at athena[at]moneysmartlatina[dot]com. I look forward to working from you!

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