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Craving a Money Smart Latina to partner with on a project? I’m your gal, with a variety of spice to get you going.As a non-profit professional and nationally certified trauma support specialist with over 18 years of experience, there are a ton of ways we can partner. For all opportunities, please feel free to email me directly at .

The Athena Valentine Agency 

Project Management & Virtual Assistant Services: I love helping people so much. I’ve made a career out of it. For all services offered to help meet your virtual needs, check out my virtual assisting website at

Money Smart Latina Direct Services

Speaking Engagements & Workshops: Topics I’m passionately talking about are:

  • Multigenerational Households 
  • Financial products and workarounds for the underserved and unbanked 
  • Post Secondary Opportunities for youth and FAFSA completion
  • The income disparity among Latinas in the workforce 
  • Trauma and financial resiliency 
  • Navigating your finances while dealing with mental and chronic health issues. 

All presentations can be modified for each audience, as well as given in a virtual format. I’m proud to have presented this year at Mamas Talk Money, Plutus Foundation for both Underserved Communities and Latina Equal Pay, Black Girl Fin Magic, Side Gig Con, and FinCon

Freelance Writing: I can write financial concepts in easy-to-understand ways. I also love writing on topics that may be harder to discuss, such as the intersection of race and money. Please check out my most recent work on Clever Girl Finance and Well+Good

Financial Accountability Coaching: Need someone to be overly honest to help you hit those pie in the sky goals you have set for yourself? Let’s talk. I’m the best friend your mom warned you about, complete with a wine glass in one hand and my cat in the other.  

The Money Smart Latina Etsy Store: Along with money coaching, I have financial products you may purchase at a lower rate in my Etsy store. If there isn’t a product offered that you’d like to see, let me know so we can make one especially for you.

Diversity & Inclusion Consulting: In today’s world, political incorrectness is a thing of the past. All organizations should include people from diverse backgrounds, including those with a Latina background. Latinas statistically make 53 cents to every dollar a male of Caucasian descent earns, which is why we must be at the table. I currently serve as a board member for the FinCon Diversity & Inclusion Board of Directors

Money Smart Latina Brand Ambassador & Partnerships 

Brand Ambassador: Over 62.8 million Hispanics reside in the US, making us the fastest-growing population to market. However, if you don’t know how to present your product, it won’t resonate with us. As a Latina who has been nationally recognized for bringing personal finance resources to those underserved communities, I can help you with brand awareness to ensure you are on the right track. I also offer campaigns, interviews, and social media engagement to get you where you want to be, right in front of the Latinas. 

Ad & Sponsored Post Placement: Advertisement space is available on Money Smart Latina for both article and hyperlink placement, depending on the client. For full disclosure, as well as further discussion, please email me directly at

Please feel free to email me at or fill out the contact box below.