Weekly Spending Recap

As part of adulting, I have realized something about my spending and finances. 1. Things come up. 2. They are expensive.

Since my year has been incredibly spendy (between moving into my own place & an overseas trip!), I’ve been trying to cut corners and really make do with what I have while putting anything additional into my savings. Recently, I had to get a car repair and had health problems which made me realize I haven’t been adequately saving even what I thought was enough. So, it’s back to basics like it was earlier this summer, however not with a cash only budget since I lose cash and receipts. 🙁 It’s definitely back to tracking my spending though and sharing weekly recaps along with a monthly post.

Monday September 1st
No Spend

Tuesday September 2nd
Book of Mormon Ticket $70 (Entertainment)

Wednesday September 3rd
Address Change $1.05 (Misc)
Birthday Card $3.57 (Gift)
Lunch w/ Boss $7.03 (Alcohol & Restaurants)
Parking @ ASU $6.00 (School)
Water @ ASU $1.75 (Alcohol & Restaurants)
Book $13.95 ( Entertainment)

Thursday September 4th
Dinner w/ friends $21.15 ( Alcohol & Restaurants)

Friday September 5th
McDonalds $7.10

Saturday September 6th
Target $21.66 (clothes)
Target $27.02 (cat)
Target $71.70 (groceries)
Gas $18.66 (transportation)
99 Cent Store $3.24 (home)
Groomers $20 ( Nail trim + donation)

Sunday September 7th
Beer $13.10
McDonalds $2.17

Monday September 8th
No Spend!

Total= $289.15

Ouch. It hurts to look at that. This is exactly why I’ve decided to start tracking again! I probably now look as pained as my cat does in the photo below. 🙁

My cat on the way to get his nails did!
My cat on the way to get his nails did!

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