Fall Is Here! Goals update + a big goal.

Hello and Happy October! My September was a hit and miss so so so many reasons and because of that, I really lost focus on my goals for the month of September.  Along with traveling, I got terribly sick which knocked me out of commission for two weeks. I’m talking fainting on a plane sick due to a severe double  ear and sinus infection that has seriously just started going away.

Along with being sick physically, I decided to start seeing a new therapist to help with my mental health again. I stopped taking care of myself like I should have earlier this year for a number of reasons, mainly because I thought I didn’t need to see a therapist any longer. The tricky thing about your brain is that you think you are fine and healed and then everything falls down around you like a glass house. I thought I was fine and stopped taking care of myself the way I should have mentally, emotionally and physically, and so many things this past month hit me in the face.

I am a caring, compassionate and positive person, although you wouldn’t know it from the way I’ve been acting, if I am being perfectly honest. I’ve been so focused on the wrong things and not the right ones, which has really damaged everything from school, work, and some of my relationships. I’ve been a jerk to more than one person because of my perception sometimes and I’m okay admitting that, which is why I am seeing a new therapist. I’m not proud of the way I’ve treated some people, acted in certain situations and I am truly sorry.

I’m a happy, beautiful, compassionate and intelligent person who has a lot going for her, but on the right day, I wouldn’t believe you. I can turn the smallest thing into the biggest thing thanks to my anxiety and I can throw everything away the next moment thanks to my depression. I think everyone is against me and start fighting, sometimes for a reason and than sometimes for none. I’m so used to fighting for so many things in my life that if I’m honest, I feel I can’t stop or everything will go away. And that’s so not true. But anxiety and depression really don’t let you think anything different, even when you may be in your best season yet.

My main goal is to work on myself with my therapist so I stop repeating unhealthy patterns and start moving forward with my life instead of staying stagnant. I want to learn how I can deal with my emotions in a healthy way and not let them boss me around and affect everything I have going for me, from a great career to graduate school to helping people.

I didn’t want to share this, mainly out of fear but then I realized it’s okay. It’s okay to say you need help and get it, and to focus on you so you can become a better you, not just for yourself but for everyone in your life that needs you. They not only deserve that but you do as well. And I’m finally realizing that.

Weekly Spending Recap

As part of adulting, I have realized something about my spending and finances. 1. Things come up. 2. They are expensive.

Since my year has been incredibly spendy (between moving into my own place & an overseas trip!), I’ve been trying to cut corners and really make do with what I have while putting anything additional into my savings. Recently, I had to get a car repair and had health problems which made me realize I haven’t been adequately saving even what I thought was enough. So, it’s back to basics like it was earlier this summer, however not with a cash only budget since I lose cash and receipts. 🙁 It’s definitely back to tracking my spending though and sharing weekly recaps along with a monthly post.

Monday September 1st
No Spend

Tuesday September 2nd
Book of Mormon Ticket $70 (Entertainment)

Wednesday September 3rd
Address Change $1.05 (Misc)
Birthday Card $3.57 (Gift)
Lunch w/ Boss $7.03 (Alcohol & Restaurants)
Parking @ ASU $6.00 (School)
Water @ ASU $1.75 (Alcohol & Restaurants)
Book $13.95 ( Entertainment)

Thursday September 4th
Dinner w/ friends $21.15 ( Alcohol & Restaurants)

Friday September 5th
McDonalds $7.10

Saturday September 6th
Target $21.66 (clothes)
Target $27.02 (cat)
Target $71.70 (groceries)
Gas $18.66 (transportation)
99 Cent Store $3.24 (home)
Groomers $20 ( Nail trim + donation)

Sunday September 7th
Beer $13.10
McDonalds $2.17

Monday September 8th
No Spend!

Total= $289.15

Ouch. It hurts to look at that. This is exactly why I’ve decided to start tracking again! I probably now look as pained as my cat does in the photo below. 🙁

My cat on the way to get his nails did!

My cat on the way to get his nails did!

August Wrap Up/ September Goals

August was expensive for me! Not only was I returning home from a study abroad trip and adjusting back to life, I was hit with a ton of expenses. I knew a lot of these were coming up ( like textbooks!), I just didn’t plan very well. I was also hit with unexpected expenses (car repairs!) and had to pay out of pocket for a work trip ( plane tickets!) but thank goodness for the emergency fund. I’ll be getting reimbursed soon, I need to build it back up because it’s getting way too low for my liking.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make too much of a debt until October. I still owe a friend money for Book Of Mormon tickets we purchased using his credit card and not only do I have FinCon this month, but I am also seeing the Foo Fighters and then I’m going camping. Hopefully these won’t be too much of a money drain, I already purchased my ticket for the show and plan to borrow as much gear as possible for camping since I myself don’t own anything. I’m not very outdoorsy. 🙂 Before we look at September, let’s check out August.

Chill & Simplify 
Done! I really chilled out this month although I didn’t get as much done in the decluttering process as I had hoped.

Continue Making My House A Home
I will say semi-done. I under estimated my time and only finished a bedroom purge. My apartment has been kept clean however so that’s nice.

Enjoy My Birthday 
Done! Had a great 30th!

Stay Organized With My Time 
Done! I am proud to say that for the first time since I can honestly remember, I’ve been doing really good at managing my time. I haven’t been feeling frazzled out and my anxiety has been really under control which is nice for me to say. Now, the tricky thing about anxiety and depression is it can absolutely show up out of the blue and that’s happened to me before. I can be fine and then have a panic attack in a matter of minutes. But I have felt really good lately with a combination of things including my meds, routine, eating well, making sure I take breaks, keep a running to do list with all items on it and taking time to be by myself.

Septembers Goals

1. Stay on top of or even ahead in homework.
With all of my travel and fun festivities, it’s easy to slack off on homework since I’m suffering from senioritis already. I want to stay not only on top of but ahead as much as possible so I can enjoy myself. It may not be that easy since a lot of the learning modules don’t open until the week their assigned but I can still try my hardest.

2. Continue to declutter & decorate my apartment.
I under estimated the time it would either take me or how much free time I actually have. I only got my bedroom done last month and that’s not even hanging things on the wall! Trying to make this a priority since my boyfriend is coming to stay for a few months ( exciting!) and he will need space for his things. He’s not entirely moving in but between his hobbies, work and needed items, I’m sure he’ll be bringing a lot! And I want him to feel at home. 🙂

3. Get back into working out.
In Israel I started eating clean and felt so much better that I continued my hardest to eat the same after coming back. I’ve been making all of my own meals with fresh ingredients, drinking tons of water and eating my fruits and veggies. I’m starting to finally feel a difference via my energy levels and would like to start regularly working out again. Last year I was stressed and ate my feelings, this year I’d like to take it out on the treadmill. I plan on doing yoga at home during the week and running during the weekend.

4. See the chiropractor.
My back gave out last week and I was bed ridden for two whole days. It was awful. I stopped my chiropractor treatment awhile ago because I was feeling a lot better and decided to cut corners but now I know I need to go back. I am thinking of seeing a new one closer to my house since my last one said something not very professional to me and it still bugs me. The one closer to my house is also more into pain management and I think that’s what I actually need.

Trying to keep it short and sweet so I don’t get overwhelmed! It’s always hard because I love setting goals. What do you have on the docket for September?

Don’t Let Anyone Define You

Last Spring on a whim, I decided to finally pursue something I had been thinking about since learning it existed when I had first started my leadership class and my fellow students talking about it. Although my major is criminology, I decided to pursue a certificate in LGBT Studies. I didn’t exactly want to minor in another social science class and wondered what else I could pursue based on my interests.

For my whole entire life, I have been involved in the LGBT community. My mother was the biggest LGBT ally I knew until I moved to Las Vegas and met my best friends. She had tons of friends who were active members and sought to it that she was involved in every cookout, gay bar and gathering she knew of. In our small town, she made it her business to hang out at the gay bar where her friends felt more socially accepted ( almost 20 years ago) and supported them in anyway they could. They were never “gay” or “lesbian”, they were just themselves. My mother’s ally impression became even bigger on me when I found out a close family member also associated with the LGBT community, yet she had kept it to herself and now that I’m older, they feel comfortable in letting me know on their own. After my mother’s death, I have went on to follow her footsteps in numerous ways, right down to the gay pride parades and drag queens.

Around the time I started learning more about the LGBT community, Caitlyn Jenner started her transition. Not necessarily being a Kardashian fan ( they have wicked business sense though!), I tuned in to watch her interview with Diane Sawyer to see her viewpoint and what made her finally come out. And, I got it. Sex, gender identity and gender expression are all different things we are born with and realize about ourselves as life goes on. As Alfred Kinsey discovered, the majority of the population falls all over the scaled and very rarely is someone completely heterosexual or homosexual. And if you happen to be cisgender, you are lucky you have never questioned who you are in light of someone telling you you’re wrong.

Jenner recently started having a reality show ( true to Kardashian form!) to document her transition and the journey in finding out who she is. I haven’t watched an episode ( I don’t own a TV!) but I did catch a clip on Facebook and immediately had to share.

Jenner recently started dating someone new and along with all the anxieties and excitement that come along with plain ole dating, she was now dating as a woman, which is a whole different level if you are used to being a man who could just throw on a t-shirt and smile. I mean, who hasn’t gone all out with beauty treatments or a new outfit to impress someone? And now Caitlyn was worried her new beau wouldn’t see her as a “real” woman, knowing about her past. She wouldn’t be enough.

A really annoying Facebook meme has been going around recently and it makes me angry every time I see it. It’s women bashing, wait for it, another woman. And it’s not because she’s something perceived as negative such as promiscuous or a child abuser. It’s because she’s “not real”. She didn’t give birth like them. Or have a period. Or get cat called at a bus stop. Or have certain characteristics or whatever else in people’s ignorant brains makes them more real over another person. I just get so angry when people insists you have to go through certain things in life to be considered “real” when in fact, gender is a man made concept.

And this, this is women telling other women they aren’t enough. It’s bad enough when you’re in a relationship and scared but now other women, people who are suppose to be real and go through the things you do are now telling you that you aren’t enough. For years, I went through a relationship and even was engaged to someone who didn’t think I was enough. Sure, he loved me, but there was always something wrong with me. My teeth were too crooked ( okay they were really bad but you only have to tell me once). I had no degree. My job sucked. I needed to lose 50 lbs. I needed a boob job. And I was too needy. Once I had “fixed” everything “wrong” with me, sans boob job, we broke up. I was devastated even though it was originally my idea and only tried to work things out because I had a bad experience with another man and had myself convinced that I wasn’t going to find anything better.

And after years of therapy, moving away for a boy again and starting over when that didn’t work out, dating new men and finally living by myself with a cat, I realized something. I was enough. I am enough. Sure, I may have anxiety attacks and be the hottest mess at times. I may want too much attention and snore. And yeah, I do make it all about me sometimes. But you know what? I like who I am, at 30. I have a cute apartment in a cute neighborhood. I’m finishing my senior year at a university I had wanted originally wanted to attend before getting in that relationship. My job is great and so are my friends. And although I may feel the penny pinch, I am doing okay. I would be even better if my car will stay healthy and my teeth needed less fillings ( Please God?).

Ladies, listen to me. You are enough. No matter what reproductive organs you’re born with, what you wear, how you do your hair, you’re enough and don’t let someone else define you. Caitlyn, your enough. You are real. Nothing makes you less real than someone else. Remember that.

August Goals

July was a whirlwind that I still haven’t quite caught up from. In July, I was on summer vacation ( teacher life!) which allowed me to spend some time with friends and get my apartment before I headed to Israel for almost three weeks. My boyfriend came out for a week to spend time with me and celebrate my birthday early. The school where I teach full-time also went back into session so I resumed my 40-45 hour work weeks. Annnnnd, ASU starts in three weeks and I’ll be attending classes full-time so I’ll be back to my usual jam packed schedule in no time. I took a break from goals in July but I’d like to start up again because it helps keep me accountable! 🙂

Chill & Simplify 
I am totally stealing this from Tonya because I so can relate to her lately. Between not being home much during July, going on an international trip and and returning to teaching, I so need to find some balance. Reflecting abroad made me realize how much I love my routine when I’m able to stick to one and how much I have come to love and appreciate my own place. If you would have told me last year I’d love living alone, I’d say maybe, but it definitely does come with all of it’s perks.

My goal is to declutter my space and purge of unnecessary objects I’ve collected since moving in. I also hope to relax at home as often as possible, catch up on my library stack and play with my cat. I may or may not be also be watching X Files. I try to limit my tv consumption to less than an hour per day, even on the weekends, so Netflix binging is a little bit harder for me but I am addicted to the X Files lately.

Continue Making My House A Home
I already had a head start on this goal this weekend. I dragged my bf to Ikea and he helped me pick out some furniture and items I had been lacking since moving in six months ago. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown to hate stuff that’s useless and spending money on said stuff but even I can admit how much easier life has been in the less than 24 hour span I’ve owned a coffee table. I’d like to put pictures and prints in frames and hanging them on my wall along with reorganizing my bookshelves. My goal above should also help with this.

Stay Organized With My Time 
Since I will be returning to work and school both full-time, plus freelancing, it’s important to stay organized and on task with assignments, both educationally and professionally. I am known for taking too much on, procrastinating because I feel so overwhelmed and then scrambling to catch up before the deadline. I hate feeling frazzled all the time so I’ve been taking a more active approach to being actually done with projects. I’ve been waking up early ever since  returning to Israel and coming to work earlier because of carpooling with early birds. I’m still definitely not a morning person but getting to work earlier has helped.

Enjoy My Birthday 
My birthday is this month and it’s a big one! I will be doing a sit down dinner and then bar hopping downtown. My plan was something low key and fun for everyone. I know not everyone likes bar hopping but I wanted to include everyone I know and love, which is so many. Hopefully everyone can make it for one or the other!

I also need to think more about graduate school and purchase my FinCon ticket for next month. So much going on, such little time, as usual.

What do you have on the docket for August?

Back from Israel & Turning 30 So Soon

I’m baaack! I touched down on American soil two days ago and I’m so happy to be back home although I would be lying greatly if I didn’t say I miss Israel already. I wasn’t sure what to expect entirely but all I can say is I feel deeply in love with a country the size of New Jersey. Which is funny because my boyfriend is Jewish and lived in New Jersey for all of his life. Anyhoo, moving on. 😉

I had such a great time and will be doing a big trip recap soon as well as a turning 30 recap. Yup, you read that right. I’ll be turning 30. In about 20 days or so but not like anyway is counting. I have mixed feelings like many do when approaching milestone birthdays in their lives and it’s two fold.

On one hand, I feel like I wasted much of my early twenties. And I did. Stuck in dead end jobs that didn’t appreciate me, not taking my health seriously, struggling to save every penny and not look for ways to make more professionally. I also spent a lot of time in a relationship that wasn’t a good fit but was comfortable. But, in 2012 when I was 26, I started shaking my life up and haven’t looked back since.

I’ve read literature on how your 20’s is the decade to “make it work” but I really feel like any decade in anyone’s life is the decade they can decide to “make it work”. I don’t have to be married or have children by a certain time and owning a home is no longer the American dream it once was. And sure, I wasn’t the most productive person because I was floundering so much trying to figure out the void I was trying to fill with stuff and and relationships that didn’t necessarily suit me. But, I’m forgiving myself and moving on.

I’m not sure what my thirties are going to look like but I’m still excited. I’m excited because I feel a lot better about who I am and who I’m not. I will be completing my dual bachelors next year in Criminology & Criminal Justice with a certificate in LGBT studies, both things I am extremely passionate about. I’m able to travel and explore new cultures and places, while still putting a roof over my head and paying my bills because God has blessed with me with a career and a flexible schedule.

I also have wonderful people in my life and I continue to grow my relationships day by day, old and new. And to sweeten the icing on my cake, I’m taking a lot better care of my body by loving it and getting exercise I deserve, despite my busy schedule. Did I also mention starting in November, my cat and I will finally have some company? My boyfriend is moving in before Thanksgiving to celebrate his location independence and not having to shovel snow in the winter.

I’m learning to love myself more and more everyday, be kind to myself and forgiving. I’m counting my blessings and being thankful everyday. Life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to or the way we pictured it, but boy ain’t it grand.

Back To Basics- Cash Challenge

One of the things I appreciate about personal finance is there are so many different budgeting techniques, it’s not a one size fits all type of thing. Which, I really appreciate given my Latina heritage. Does anyone else have the larger bottom thing going on?

Anyhoo, with my upcoming trip to Israel this summer, I’m back to bleeding cash left and right! Earlier this year it was buying everything needed for an apartment that was 100% mine and now it’s buying everything needed for a study abroad program in a country where it’s really hot yet women can’t show much skin. Did I mention we’re spending a good amount of time walking everywhere?

From having to buy outlet converters for my electronics to buying a Camelbak, traveling is certainly not cheap. However, it’s the trip and opportunity of a lifetime so I can’t complain. But, while struggling to pay for an expensive study abroad program, I still need to be able to hold the fort down at home. With this in mind,  I am going back to budgeting basics ala Dave Ramsay even though he once called me a moron on a social media channel. I forgive you Dave!

Dave Ramsay and all of his followers are very big on something known as the “envelope system.” The envelope system is basically pulling cash out for the week or month and putting it in envelopes labeled for specific items, such as gas, groceries, etc. Each month you can decide the amount of money to stick inside your envelope and use it when purchasing your items.  After you have spent your allotted amount in that envelope, it’s gone. Finished. Finito. And you can’t spend any more and will have to figure out how to make do. Of course, you could just pull out your debit or credit card but that fully defeats the purpose of the envelopes. Stick to your envelopes people!

Some people prefer different variations of this system and some people don’t like this at all. I myself usually prefer to use a debit card since I feel I have a pretty good feel for my budget and this way can’t lose or misplace cash. However, I have been pretty swipey lately and haven’t been a good steward of using things up, mainly groceries. I still don’t eat out as much as I used to back in the day but I have been almost lately. I blame summer. The amount of food waste is alarming for someone with just a cat so I wanted to work on this as well as asking myself if I really truly need an item or can find a cheaper way to amuse myself.

I will be pulling $150 out for the week until I leave for Israel later this summer to live off of. This amount will be covering my groceries, gas, misc items and fun. Misc items in my budget are usually things I don’t buy too often such as household, hygiene and beauty products. My prescriptions will not be included in this amount even though I just dropped $300 on asthma medicine today (#affordablecaremybooty). Fun is hanging out with friends, such as movies, bottles of wine ( mmm wine), going out to eat and anything of entertainment value, like buying books or renting a film. I won’t be including my Netflix subscription or Spotify since those are monthly. I don’t even pay for cable people or own a television so don’t throw stones!

As of writing this Sunday evening, I can already say leaving the house with $150 was definitely challenging. I came across a hair care product I love on clearance and walked around the store and eventually put it back. I couldn’t find it in myself to spend $25 when I still had some left at home, although after further inspection not a lot. Also put back on the shelf was lemonade. I haven’t bought juice in a long time and was really craving some at the grocery store. However, I put it back since I would rather use that $4 towards a margarita with friends during happy hour. Trade offs people!

Wish me luck. Are you on a strict budget too?


#TheRoad To Financial Wellness Is A Journey But Worth It

The following blog post is part of the The Road to Financial Wellness Blog Tour. Over a period of 30 days, the Phroogal team will go to 30 locations to raise awareness about financial empowerment. Today they will be in Phoenix! Our goal is to help people learn about money by starting the conversation. We understand that local conversations can help bring about national awareness.

When I starting blogging almost seven years ago, I had no idea the changes that would be made in my life or the opportunities I’d have because of it. I only started blogging because I had stumbled upon personal finance blogs and was desperate to climb out of the hole I was in, only after hitting rock bottom twice in one year. Hitting rock bottom sucked so badly but I’m glad it happened to me. I’ve had plenty of bad things happen since then ( a failed engagement, a job becoming toxic, a car accident that left me needing cortisone shots, etc.) but it’s when those things happen that remind me financial wellness is a journey but so worth it.

I originally had the odds stacked against me. I was orphaned at 15 after living in a house hold that went from middle class to living paycheck to paycheck to a single mother who was in the hospital dying slowly over the course of a few years. I bounced from relative to relative, who used me for a social security check, until I was 19 or so, and finally decided to live with my step father who had his own issues. I moved out officially when I was 21, after dropping out of school, losing my job, my best friend in a nasty car accident and my car, all within in a month. I moved in with my boyfriend at the time and found a part time job that got me by until I found a more current one and started saving for a new car again.

Since then, I’ve come extremely far. I re-enrolled in school and became the first in my family to graduate with an AA.  I have two semesters left until I walk with the stage with my bachelors but I currently have a 3.73 cumulative GPA and I’m studying abroad in Israel this summer.  I also have continued my career in non-profits, currently running a program in Phoenix, AZ where I live, in a cute apartment with a cat with six toes in a fun neighborhood with a retro feel and diverse population. I own my own car and I’m getting my braces off next week, something that has costs me over $6,000 but was well needed and so worth it.

But, all of those good things have come after all of my hardships. Because I was all over the place when I was younger, I craved stability in the wrong way and usually was in the way of living with a boyfriend playing house. Because I never found stability, I self destructed in other ways and never really though about the future until I was reminded over and over in bad experiences. Failed engagement & break ups, toxic work environments, extended breaks from school, clutter and never having enough in my checking account were the wake up calls I received over and over.

On my current road to financial wellness, I’m doing well. I make sure I follow a budget and track my spending and make tweaks as needed. I try to pay all of my bills in advance and live beyond my means, usually by cooking all of my own meals, not shopping for stuff and finding low cost ways to have fun help extremely. I talk to a therapist about my anxiety and depression and all of past that has shaped it and I work on healthy coping strategies. But I’m still not perfect. I need to start saving for a new car, work on my emergency fund and I’m way behind for my retirement.

But, if the road of financial wellness has taught me anything, it’s a journey. You are going to have extreme lows and extreme highs. That’s part of what being a grown up is. You are going to pay for things that aren’t your fault but have happened to you regardless. You are going to have good things happen to you that make others wistful. And sometimes, you are going to look up and wonder what exactly you are doing. But the journey is well worth it and all you can do is keep trying. Don’t give up.

June Goals!

Whew! I took this past month off from life and apparently we’re in June so I thought I’d get back in the saddle ;).

Even though my goal for May was to relax, it was more like playing catch up with everything I had put on the back burner so I could focus on school. I’m caught up now in some areas of my life, including projects, yet so far behind in others 🙁 . I thought making goals would be a great way to stay on task for this month since I have a lot going on next month, including my study abroad program and the first day of the new school year at work!

1. Finish big Plutus Awards project. I have two big things I need to plan this month ( one also needs to be executed!) and one is this! It’s been a lot of phone calls ( it’s hard calling people back and forth across country and following leads!)  but I finally found someone great to work with and this should be done soon, fingers crossed. If you don’t know what the Plutus Awards are, please click here. I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved for the past few years, via event planning and social media management, and have recently been named the Program & Grants Manager for the Plutus Foundation. It’s a good time to be a Plutus team member!

2. Help plan a great #TheRoad event! Besides a Plutus Awards, I am also involved with a great financial literacy startup named Phroogal. Besides writing for their blog, The Smile Lifestyle, I’ve also been recently tasked with helping plan an event for their stop in Phoenix, AZ as part of their Road To Financial Wellness tour. Please click here to learn more!

3. Finish everything for my study abroad program, including the whole study part. I am leaving soon to take part in a study abroad program with my university and I still have so much left to do. I finally bought my plane ticket, got my passport and secured all of the funds, but I still have loose ends to tie up. I need to make a Dr. appt ( so I can bring my prescriptions through customs), take the study abroad quiz, oh and I don’t know, maybe read the textbook that has been sitting on my makeshift coffee table.

4. Stick to a routine Monday-Thursday. Since classes ended for the semester and I’ve only been working, I haven’t been in a routine that much but it’s time to get back into one. Routines really help with my anxiety and not feeling all over the place, which is one of my complaints when I am having a rough day or week. A routine helps keep me productive but in reality, it helps keep me sane and able to focus on my goals. I have more time to relax Friday-Sunday so my crunch time is usually Monday-Thursday. I’d like to accomplish working out in the mornings before work and at least spend two hours in the evenings to grow my online business. That leads me to my next goal.

5. Hit 10% of eventual freelance goal. Although I have been blogging for almost several years, which is a long time in blog land, I’ve never built an empire or business for myself since it’s been more of a hobby for me than a money maker or livelihood. However, it might be about to change starting next year.

When I went back to school last year to obtain my bachelors, it was a future investment in myself and my future career. I knew there was really no way I could ever obtain a director’s position in a non-profit without one. And, I only wanted to be in school for another two years because it was manageable. And let me tell you, I barely exist working and attending school full-time. It’s hard balancing everything.

But, something changed this past year when I went back to school and really focused on myself. I’ve been presented with some amazing opportunities like my study abroad program I’m partaking in next month. And, I was also invited to join a program for masters recruiting because of my 3.73 cumulative GPA. I never in my life considered going to graduate school but, if I can receive a stipend to do research while furthering my education, I think I’m going to go for it. And, utilize my online business to help balance the budget if I decide to. This gives me a year or so to get to a good place. A goal is a dream with a deadline, right?

What do you have on the docket this month?



Monkey Mind

Monkey Mind

Recently, I picked up a book from the library ( what do you expect?) called “The Distraction Addiction” by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang. I’m only on page 24 but since I feel like I already know where this is going, I’ll clue you in too. He talks about visit an island where you can go into a natural park and it’s filled with monkeys. And the monkeys have full blown ADHD like me and can’t keep attention for more than five seconds on anything and then run off with your snacks. I draw the line when people mess with my food in general but tourists usually think they are very cute and take pictures.

I feel like the monkeys mentioned in the book, besides the whole stealing snack thing although I do love snacks. I also like to think the monkeys would understand how happy I am that I have successfully just finished my junior year at ASU and will be anxiously awaiting my grades to finish being posted. In addition to going to school, I still maintained my full-time job and any side jobs I could snag for extra income to help with expenses I’ve occured over the year, mainly moving into my new apartment and before that, traveling. I’ve tried to maintain my relationships the best I have been able to and although I’m doing better, it’s still not top notch.

But I am so happy with my new found freedom! I want to read and watch Netflix and see what’s going on with Don Draper. I want to see my boyfriend more ( our schedules have been insane) and travel! I’ll be traveling this summer to the middle east which means I am officially leaving the country for the first time ever. I am excited and scared all at the same time and still have so much to do regarding my trip. I want to start working out again and writing more. I want to lay out by my pool I’ve only seen three times and take a nap.

I basically am just glad to not have 15 hour days and somewhere to always be. Grateful to have everything in my life but also ready to live it.