NoSpendVer Update #2


Hello MSL readers! Another month is in the books and we only have one left for 2014, can anyone else agree with me that this year has gone by way too fast?

Even though I am currently on a no spend challenge, I was still able to enjoy myself and try new things. I took a self-defense class with a local SWAT captain for one of my classes and really enjoyed myself. I felt so empowered afterwards and recommend it to anyone, especially young women.

I also got to partake in a dinner cruise around the San Diego Harbor w/ my boyfriend and his family during Thanksgiving break. I had never been on a dinner cruise and it was beautiful! We enjoyed a full three course meal, drinks & salsa dancing. The lights of the city were the perfect backdrop and although it was chilly, it was beautiful and fun.

Time for the updates! Last time I updated you, I had almost $700 towards my goal saved. Now, I have added an additional $500 so I have officially hit my apartment goal! However, that $400 I was going to save towards my retainer? Let’s just say I’ll be throwing it towards another dental emergency. Sigh. I am so upset and so mad that I have put so much money into my teeth and I feel like I’m not getting anywhere sometimes. I know it’s great that I have the money so I can take care of myself but seriously. It sucks.

I’ll be continuing on with NoSpendVer despite a few expenses coming up. My friend is getting married so I’ll be putting some money aside for her in a card, which I need to buy. I’ll also be taking my yearly girls trip to LA for Grinchmas & going to NJ for my Christmas break to spend the holidays with my boyfriend. I shouldn’t be spending too much on these trips as my flights and admission have been taken care of. I’m staying with my friends and boyfriend while away so no accommodations for me!

Along with trying to hustle money along for my root canal,my goals are to spend some of my free time on break from school working out and organizing. I’ll be organizing pretty much all of my life in preparation for the new year. In February I’m moving and I don’t want to move any clutter if I can absolutely help it. I wanted to organize 20 minutes a day but I won’t be home for about 17 days of the month so that might be pointless. I guess I could double up and do a marathon session or two but we’ll see.

How’s your budget going?


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  • Michelle Jackson
    Posted December 29, 2014 2:51 am 0Likes

    You are going to rock your goals!! I can’t wait to read all about them.

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