Monkey Mind

Monkey Mind

Recently, I picked up a book from the library ( what do you expect?) called “The Distraction Addiction” by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang. I’m only on page 24 but since I feel like I already know where this is going, I’ll clue you in too. He talks about visit an island where you can go into a natural park and it’s filled with monkeys. And the monkeys have full blown ADHD like me and can’t keep attention for more than five seconds on anything and then run off with your snacks. I draw the line when people mess with my food in general but tourists usually think they are very cute and take pictures.

I feel like the monkeys mentioned in the book, besides the whole stealing snack thing although I do love snacks. I also like to think the monkeys would understand how happy I am that I have successfully just finished my junior year at ASU and will be anxiously awaiting my grades to finish being posted. In addition to going to school, I still maintained my full-time job and any side jobs I could snag for extra income to help with expenses I’ve occured over the year, mainly moving into my new apartment and before that, traveling. I’ve tried to maintain my relationships the best I have been able to and although I’m doing better, it’s still not top notch.

But I am so happy with my new found freedom! I want to read and watch Netflix and see what’s going on with Don Draper. I want to see my boyfriend more ( our schedules have been insane) and travel! I’ll be traveling this summer to the middle east which means I am officially leaving the country for the first time ever. I am excited and scared all at the same time and still have so much to do regarding my trip. I want to start working out again and writing more. I want to lay out by my pool I’ve only seen three times and take a nap.

I basically am just glad to not have 15 hour days and somewhere to always be. Grateful to have everything in my life but also ready to live it.

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