July Goals

Only being a month into summer this year and it’s already been a doozy on two different fronts. Between my cat getting dangerously ill to learning the hard way and having to adult, it’s been insanely expensive. This summer I was really hoping to save money but it’s been, eh, a little rough so far. However, it’s not all stormy clouds! I’m traveling for half of the month,  I picked up a new social media gig I am insanely excited about and the biggest news of the year besides graduating, I GOT A PROMOTION! Yup, just call me Mr. Manager cause that’s what I am.

Since I’m away from home for exactly half the month, I want to keep my goals short and sweet.

  • Enjoy time with H. (With our crazy schedules, we gotta sneak time in when we can.)
  • Enjoy and meet five new people at my work conference.  ( New management position + newly created program means new opportunities for me, my team and my organization.)
  • Help the transition with my old position to the new person. ( Want to set them up for success!)
  • Get one more freelance client. ( With my new position, I am nolonger able to do one of my side hustles so I am working on additional income streams and growing my business.)
  • Clean out and reorganize my kitchen. ( Want to do a full declutter on my tiny apartment and I am starting here.)

Short and sweet, just like I like it. Positive vibes and thoughts.


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