Friday Wrap Up- Transitioning, Life with FIV and Friends

If I had to sum up the past few weeks of my life, I would have to say it’s in a period of transition.

While I used to be terrified of change and hated it, as I’ve gotten older I’ve become slightly more open to it. I dig the self help articles that tell me and everyone else how important change is and how it gives us the opportunity to grow, blah blah blah. I think it’s more so that I don’t dig change so much as the self help articles. I really dig self help articles. Anyways, since graduating with my bachelors, it’s opened up a few doors for me and while I don’t want to jinx anything, I should know more and have good news later this month ( or next!). While I wait, because I can’t really do anything else, I prepare myself for transition of responsibilities and the tying of any loose holes.


Speaking of transition, the school year is finally over! All of my students got to graduate and we held our annual teacher gathering after the last day of school. As you can see, we look swell after teaching for a year. It’s good thing teachers get to recover during the summer! One of our good friends S is moving to Washington D.C so we held a small get together after at my apartment and swam while singing 80’s songs at the top of our lungs.

I also can not not ( is that proper grammar?) talk about transition lately unless I mention Harrison!

harrison sick

Don’t be fooled, this cone of shame costed me $1,300. Although he does look adorably pitiful in it. A few weeks ago I came home to a house covered in cat vomit and a lethargic cat. I was instantly alarmed since he never throws up and immediately loaded him up into his cat carrier and took him to the vet. I will be writing more about this incident on Monday, but he was recently diagnosed with FIV and was suffering from a flare up. He had tested negative when I adopted him but the virus was dormant, just like humans. Also, just like humans, he has to take a HIV cocktail for the rest of his life so we’ve been transitioning into a new routine and adjusting what our new FIV positive kitty life looks like. He is, however, feeling much better. Good enough to supervise my work obviously!


Besides transitioning and a weekend spent with friends, I spent sometime in bookstores this past week! One of my blogging besties ( and IRL friends!) Jana of Jana Says came out for a few days and along with taking her to my hip local spots ( ha, I just called myself hip!), we toured a local bookstore that is filled with books, kitch, and authors like Joe Hill and Chuck Palahniuk who regularly drop by and do book signings. I found this gem and while I did not end up buying it, still seemed pretty legit.

cat kill

I also found my friend Jason’s book! You may know Jason from the Road To Financial Wellness Tour he organizes and now he is also a published author. Found his book at Barnes & Noble, which I will be doing a review of soon!


Spending all this time in bookstores reminded me I currently own 47 books at home that I haven’t picked up so it’s time to hop back on my reading challenge I do every year on Goodreads. Despite being in school half of the year, I vowed to read 52 books in 52 weeks and I’m a little behind. Picked this up Amazon after hearing so much about on The People Vs. O.J Simpson so I’ve bee working on it. Cat not included.


This weekend, my grand plans are being a hermit. Since I’m not entertaining this weekend ( my dad will have to get his card in the mail!), I plan on being holed up in the apartment during the heatwave we are supposed to get slammed with. I’m okay though since OITNB is coming out today!

Any fun weekend plans?

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